Atlanta Roofing – New Press Release

Atlanta Roofing – New Press Release

Atlanta Roofing has a new press release on Atlanta Roofing Repair to provide ‘Big Savings’ to new customers and old. They have implemented a new element to its roofing repair and that is ‘Big Savings’ on all roofing types, to benefit both new and existing customers. The main goal is to exceed all customers expectations in all roofing projects. This will benefit all residential and commercial property owners for all their roofing needs in Atlanta, GA..

To the delight of many, leak repairs in roof / storm damaged roofs / new roof / roof maintenance / roof certifications / roof insurance inspections / blow in attic insulation looking for ‘Big Savings’ can now take advantage of the new offering from Atlanta Roofing as it the release is now officially announced.

This update delivers ‘big savings’ on all roofing projects as well as excellent customer service to all interested parties and those active within the roofing arena. Roofing Repair Atlanta GA has been able to do this with a team of experts that is trained in the latest cutting edge roofing methodologies for every type of roof.

They are excited to unveil the latest benefit for current and new Atlanta roofing customers as it’s specifically designed to improve the experience and better fulfill the needs of Residential roofing and Commercial roofing.

When asked to provide greater insight on the subject, Charles, Head of all Business at Atlanta Roofing in Georgia said: “We are truly excited about gaining the Atlanta, GA community to ensure them that we are the #1 Atlanta roofing company for all their roofing needs. Roofing Repair Atlanta has been around serving this community for decades, however, we aim to attain a much higher level of trust from the local community. Therefore, atlanta roofing specialists are going beyond the ‘norm’ of serving the Atlanta residential roofing community and the Atlanta commercial roofing community. We are known as the Atlanta roofing contractors that are experienced and well-trained in every type of roofing available. Atlanta roof repairs exceed all other Atlanta roofing companies by far. In fact, most homeowners are worried about the clean-up ‘after’ the Atlanta roof repair is completed on their property, so we have attained a team of roofing specialists just to make sure that your home/property is left without any nails or debris left behind. Your property will be just as beautiful as it was when we first stepped foot on your property! “

Roofing Repair Atlanta GA, parent company of Atlanta Roofing, has made a point of listening to its customers and taking feedback wherever possible. They reportedly do this because the #1 source of inspiration comes from all of the local customers! After all, without customers Atlanta roofing would be nothing. All roofing repair customers make the business viable and sustainable for decades, so why not give back to all by giving them exceedingly exceptional roofing repair service! Atlanta roofing repair company listens to all customers because the company wants to be the very best for the local community. Roofing Repair Atlanta GA is here for the entire community to listen to them and grow from listening to them.

They have made it part of its mission to be the most recognized roofing repair company in all of Atlanta, GA. Atlanta roofing contractors want to change the entire image of what roofing is all about and that is honesty, excellent customer service, listens to customers and will be here for years to come to serve the local community in the roofing market. Atlanta roofing is perceived by the community as a hard working roofing repair company which is consistently listening to all customers to become even better in the roofing business. Atlanta roofing business is known by its customers as always delivering excellent products and service for all. amongst fans and customers, which Charles is immensely proud of, with the business being operational now for decades.

Interested parties who would like to be among the first to experience the Big Savings with Atlanta Roofing are encouraged to visit their site!


New Owner – Limo Service Los Angeles

New Owner – Limo Service Los Angeles

Announcing the new ownership of the limousine company, Limo Service Los Angeles. This is very exciting news for both the new owner and the Los Angeles community! While the previous limousine owner was a fantastic owner, the new owner has that excitement and innovation ideas that are only going to explode his limo service in Los Angeles.

Get a quick idea of his new website here:

Another great aspect is this is just the beginning of the new owner openeing up new locations for all to enjoy his great service and great prices for luxurious limousines and brand new Mercedes Benz party bus rentals as well.

I thought I might add a lil humor with the limo mistake above video! Anyway, there are so many people looking for limo rides for various reasons and we had to talk about this new entrepreneur that literally took over this limo service in LA company by storm.

Name is Robin and he is so very excited to take on this new venture in his life. He has always been a true entrepreneur, however, he is now taking it to a new level by owning more than ‘1’ buisness. He is now starting up new ventures for other entrepreneurs as well as himself.

This guy is young and he is definitely on the true entrepreneur road to success and excitement, which all of us entrepreneurs desperately chase year after year!

So happy to help him announce this new limo service in Los Angeles and when looking for any answers on starting up a new buisness venture, please reach out to me through my contact page! I will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as I am able to.

Until then, take care and may the road fill you with all your hearts desires!

Riverside Limo Service – Entrepreneur Right Here

Riverside Limo Service Has A New Location

The entrepreneur who just opened a new location for his limousine company happens to be a good friend of mine. Riverside Limo Service just opened its doors, so to speak, last week! It’s a very exciting moment for his limo business. He has locations in the Orange County and LA County communities, but he is now excited to bring his limousine business to the Riverside Counties!

Direct quote from the owner of Riverside Limo Service:

Starting any new venture/business is the most exciting thing that can happen in an entrepreneur’s life!

That’s what all entrepreneur’s live for, either starting a new business, continuing to grow a business and to do it all over again and again. Waking up in the morning with such a feeling of accomplishment by owning one’s own company is what we all wake up for, isn’t it?

There is no other way to live for us entrepreneur’s! We have to start new ventures and continue growing our businesses/ventures everyday…

Here’s is the definition of an ‘entrepreneur’: Entrepreneurialism is defined as starting new businesses, or getting involved with new ventures or ideas. An example of entrepreneurialism is starting new businesses and always being involved in investing in the latest ventures.

So, with that, one would absolutely know if they were addicted to being a true entrepreneur, that’s for sure. In fact, most family members think we are the odd-balls of the family due to the risks we take to initially start every new business and/or venture. We are somewhat of risk-takers that’s for sure. How else would one start a new business if they weren’t?

The new location for this limousine company is in Riverside and you can find out more info at:

Hope you all enjoyed this article, much more to follow…